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"We have evidence all around us in our daily analytic practice and in contemporary world history that this earth-shaking archetypal event is taking place here and now. It has already started.  It is manifesting itself in international relations; in the breakdown of the social structure of Western civilization; in political, ethnic, and religious groupings; as well as within the psyches of individuals--the momentous event of the coming of the self into conscious realization."
Edward F. Edinger, Archetype of the Apocalypse (2002) 



About Me

I am an IAAP certified Jungian Analyst and Board Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor. I have additional certifications in the treatment of trauma and the supervision of new counselors working toward full licensure. I am also a Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerTM  with expertise in the use of sound and movement therapies, integrating the body, somatic experience, and neuroplasticity into psychotherapy.



My theoretical foundation is analytical psychology based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist and pioneer in psychotherapy, C.G. Jung. 

I currently serve on the Board of the Washington Mental Health Counselor's Association and am a member Analyst with the C.G. Jung Study Center of Southern California.


My office is located in downtown Spokane, WA.

I am currently teaching and working clinically over the telephone and through telehealth media with individuals interested in undergoing a Jungian analysis. 
I am also continuing to work with people using sound, movement, and other somatic therapies through Neuroplasticity Spokane with the use of audio and video voice guided sessions both live and by recording.  
Please feel free to visit my blog, and for more information on the Inland Northwest C.G. Jung Society.
I hope you will explore the offerings here and thank you for visiting the website.

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